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Practice statistics and science with Bird Feeder Statistics worksheet by Where Exactly Maps. Set of Worksheets include 6 common birds, detailed tally sheets, bird range maps and analysis questions
Blue Jay bird feeder statistics worksheet
Bird Feeder Statistics with Canadian Winter birds worksheets display

Bird Feeder Statistics worksheets

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Students learn some basic statistics and have fun with math using these Bird Feeder Statistics tally sheets.
Featuring 6 common Canadian winter birds: Black capped chickadee, Red-breasted nuthatch, Blue jay, Northern cardinal, White-breasted nuthatch and Downy woodpecker.

Each sheet allows students to tally the number of times a bird visits a feeder, track of the daily weather to see how it affects the number of birds, and includes questions to answer with the tally results at the end of 7 days.

Count multiple bird species in one sitting with the master tally page that accommodates up to 10 birds.

The master tally page also serves as a way to analyze a larger depth of information. A full page of questions to answer when using the master tally sheet is included.

Additional features include a large range map and the bird to colour in.

This is an instant digital download in pdf format.