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About Us

On a bright afternoon in a nearby land not too long ago, a cartographer watched her little boy put a puzzle together in a patch of sunlight on the living room floor.
Because he loved them and his mother loved maps, she had been on a quest for a good children's map jigsaw puzzle they could do together.
But she could not find one with correct cartography or without animals and cartoon buildings covering up  coastlines, countries and every other interesting geographic feature.
There must be a true map puzzle somewhere, but where?

And then, suddenly, it dawned on her...

 Where Exactly Maps was born out of a desire to create attractive, engaging maps and map products children, youth and everybody can learn from. You're never too young to know what geography really looks like and how interesting our mapped earth is.

There's a magic in becoming absorbed in a new place, even on paper. An inviting  map allows you to meander through unfamiliar lands, marvel over intriguing place names and terrains. Maps are an integral way we interpret and understand, not just where things are, but convey important information about everything we do as people.

A great looking map communicates to you in a way your eyes will listen. They encourage you to stare, and then stare some more. Our aim, always, is to create maps you can't resist exploring.

About the map maker

Lucy, the map maker behind Where Exactly Maps, is passionate about map style and has a particular fondness for placing text just so.
She has a Cartography: Digital Mapping Diploma from the Centre of Geographic Sciences and years experience creating maps of all kinds.
She drafts maps in an old farmhouse in an agricultural corner of eastern Ontario where she lives with her husband and their two thoroughly splendid children.