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Educational 27 by 39 inch political relief world map by Where Exactly Maps
Close up of Where Exactly Maps' political world map. Features gorgeous colours and easy to read text placement
Closeup of North America on a political Map of the World by Where Exactly Maps. Full size, the map measures 27 by 39 inches and is beautifully easy to read.
Close up of South America on political World Map by Where Exactly Maps. Shows all the South American countries in tasteful shades of green with meticulously placed text.
Where Exactly world map on an office wall

Where Exactly World Map

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With rich, inviting colours and depth of detail, Where Exactly's world map is designed to be more than the basic wall reference.

An abundance of information including countries and continental groups, national capitals and important populated places is draped over a subtle hillshade bringing the physical features to life.

Exacting text placement makes our map wonderfully easy to read. In contrast to the incomprehensible mass of place and geographic names common on other maps, ours presents text cleanly and clearly.


  • map measures 39 x 27 inches
  • 1:44,000,000 | Miller Cylindrical projection
  • features political countries, national capitals, important populated places
  • numerous physical features including major rivers, lakes, deserts, mountain ranges, peninsulas, and Antarctic ice shelves
  • 4 colour offset printed on 90lb matte paper