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Political Map of Europe 70 piece jigsaw puzzle for kids by Where Exactly Maps
70 piece map puzzle of Europe for children by Where Exactly Maps
70 piece jigsaw puzzle showing political map of Europe for kids
Collection of five 70 piece jigsaw puzzles featuring different maps of countries by Where Exactly Maps

Map of Europe 70 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle for Kids

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This large jigsaw puzzle and map of Europe were, quite literally, made for each other.

Designed using bold colours and type faces, this is not only a good looking map, but a precise, marvelously educational one, too. Invitingly clear and readable, it's perfect for inquisitive eyes and hands.

With all the benefits of a hands on game, map puzzles have the excellent characteristic of encouraging spatial thinking. Something very compatible with learning about maps and geography!


Political map of Europe featuring:

  • Countries
  • National capitals
  • Major lakes, rivers, seas, and oceans
  • Large populated places


  • 18 x 24 inches (up to 44% larger than other children's map puzzles)
  • 70 pieces
  • strong, 3mm thick puzzle board
  • glossy finish
All puzzles come shrink wrapped for optimal protection.