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Tectonic plates map worksheet

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Last week we made map colouring pages. This week, we're continuing the educational mapping worksheet idea with a scientific angle.

What do earthquakes, volcanoes and mountains have in common?

Tectonic plates coloring map tectonic plates worksheet tectonic plates student worksheet activity Where Exactly Maps


Indeed. They all exist or happen along the edges of tectonic plates. Tectonic plates are fascinating. They make up the entire crust of the earth, fitting together like a giant puzzle. These plates are continually moving, scraping against each other, spreading apart or colliding.

Earth's geography changes as this movement creates new ocean floor, mountain ranges and active volcanoes.

Printable tectonic plates map for students with all plates labelled

This printable worksheet has a map with all the tectonic plates identified for reference and a blank tectonic map for practice and  labelling.

Fill in the blanks tectonic plates printable worksheet. Each plate identified with numbers and blanks for labelling.

The tectonic plate polygons are also highly colourable, so why not shade them in to create a bright and fabulous map?
Get the printable tectonic plates map worksheet here, and begin!

Where Exactly Maps printable plate tectonics map worksheet

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  • Laquetta Darby on

    This was very helpful, and my students had so much fun working on it!

  • Ed Simons on

    Thank you for putting this online. It has been very helpful to me and my students

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